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  • Fine Art

    Corbis' fine art collection offers the largest, most diverse, most market-relevant collection of art images in the industry. From rare Renaissance masterpieces and works from major museums, to classic poster art and kitsch 1950's graphics, the collection encompasses all aspects of the visual arts worldwide. Get a taste of our virtual world museum here.

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    42-17351538| © David Fokos/Corbis

    Selected Works by Contemporary Artists

    Corbis represents a diverse community of contemporary artists. Featured here are works by a selection of our artists, including classic Photorealists, renowned fine art photographers, painters, and rising stars. Together they enrich one of the most intriguing, varied, and growing collections of contemporary fine art available for licensing.

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    New Work from Christie's

    Founded in London in the 18th century, Christie's is one of the world’s oldest and largest international auction houses. The Christie’s Images collection offers art of all regions, eras, and styles, including rare and high-quality objects from Impressionist paintings to world-class gems, costumes, and prints.

    42-43183740| © Christie's Images/Corbis
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    The Golden Age of Poster Art

    The Golden Age of the poster, from the late 19th century through the 1950s, saw the first coupling of extraordinary artistry and mass marketing. Posters were used for everything from war propaganda to product advertising to luring travelers to popular vacation destinations. The "Art of the Sell" has yet to see a more perfect marriage.

    AAED003834| © Swim Ink 2, L.L.C./Corbis
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    Treasures from the Smithsonian

    The Smithsonian Institution champions the preservation of our nation's heritage, collecting items such as the Star-Spangled Banner and Lincoln’s top hat. Corbis represents selections from the American Museum of Natural History, National Air & Space Museum, National Museum of American History, and National Museum of Asian Art.

    42-17473417| © Smithsonian Institution/Corbis